January 13, 2009

Holiday Hounds

There is nothing like the holidays in Colorado.  At least that is what my Mom says, and I think she might be right!  I get to hop in my travel bag, fly on the plane, and see my whole family for Christmas!  Shauna said I should have had my own seat on the plane cuz my ticket cost the same as hers, but I like my travel bag.  And the cool breezy weather felt great in my fur!  My Aunt Rita would love it.  My Grandparents just put a new wood floor in their kitchen.  It was great for sliding across after I came in from the snowy backyard.  And if I slid through enough times, my Grandma would laugh and find all kinds of tasty treats for my little dog dish.  Ahhh, life is good in Colorado with family! 

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