March 28, 2009

Chase Arrives for the Weekend

My Uncle John came to pick me up for a weekend stay.  Shauna is flying to Colorado to surprise Aunt Holly for her birthday!  So my car service, I mean Uncle John came to get me on Wednesday.  He always likes to finagle an extra day with me, partly because he thinks its funny to hear how pathetic my Mom is without me, and mostly just because he loves me!  And I love my Uncles!  I get lots of rest and relaxation at their house.  They have great pillows to sit atop, they don't move around nearly as much as Shauna does (they are much easier to keep an eye on), and Uncle John has taken to much experimenting in the kitchen.  He has sort of become a gourmet!  He was discussing the menu for my stay with my Mom.  For my first night, he is doing an orange chicken with fingerling potatoes in butter (cuz my Mom told him I wouldn't eat the mushrooms in a balsamic reduction as an accompaniment).  Yum!!  I like just about anything with butter!  I overheard him talking to Shauna when she called in to check on me (maybe for the 10th time!).  Uncle John told her I was quite comfortable, following the sun around from pillow to pillow.  He wanted to know where I learned my diva behavior.  Really, the man who chauffered me to his house and arranged gourmet meals around what I as a 4 legged girl would like is asking where I learned diva behavior?!  I love my people!  Ok boys, who wants to go for a walk? 

March 19, 2009

Date With a Little Cat

Shauna and I had pizza night at Lynx's house.  I like him.  He is a cute little cat who still doesn't know quite what to make of me.  He is curious, but still very respectful.  One of my favorite things is the guest pillow Aunt Jen puts out every time I visit.  Sometimes she stacks two pillows, and I pretend to be the princess and the pea and sit on both of course.  Single or double, they are just my size!  Lynx hadn't figured out how comfy the cushions were before I showed him, but now he knows.  He is a pretty quick learner.  And Aunt Jen is the hostess with the mostess!

March 16, 2009

Chase as Flower Girl

My Uncles got married this summer.  It was a very special intimate wedding at their home with our closest "california family" in attendance.   I was the flower girl with my pink and chocolate brown flowered collar (it is the most girlie thing I own).  My best friend Sake was there of course.  Now she is a girl who likes to dress, so she wore her red silk custom made by an Italian tailor.  I suppose you could say her Mom, my Auntie Rita, is a little over the top.  That is what we love about her!  It really was the perfect, personal ceremony.  Uncle Jonathan shed a tear or two.  He's the sensitive one in this group.  Congratulations!! We love you. I was so lucky to be a part of that day!  And even luckier I didn't have to wear something as a flower girl that I could "just shorten and wear again"!  

March 9, 2009

Chase Navigates

I like riding in my new car!  I get to ride shot gun. That's where Shauna set up my blanket. I like blankets and I have them all over my house.  My Mom wanted heated seats but she didn't want me to slide on the leather, so we compromised.  But then she asks me to navigate.  Someone should tell her I don't read maps, well, maybe I could read them as well as she can.  But with these eyebrows...Where did that map go anyway?  Just follow your nose, it always knows! And can we open the sunroof please?

Serena Kitty

This is one of the newest fur friends!  Her name is Serena and she just recently became a California Kitty.  She moved out with her Mom when she got transfered with her job.  I haven't actually met her, but Shauna has been visiting her and she said she thinks she is adjusting just fine!  She apparently is quite soft and sweet.  My Mom would say she would only be gone a little while, but Serena would be so into her kitty massage, Shauna would just stay and pet her and pet her.  Did you know that they actually have a place they call the Cat Cafe in Tokyo where they have many cats who reside on the premises.  People who don't have their own pets pay in 30 minute increments to be able to pet the cats.  I personally would hate all that touching, but it sounds like Shauna and Serena would both like it there!  

March 1, 2009

Dirt Face Chase

It is Spring, well at least it feels like it today.  It is sunny, my blonde under fluff is shedding, and I feel like digging!  Personally, I prefer a little cooler weather.  Or if the sun is going to be out, a good breeze makes me happy.  I am on my way to a BBQ at Sake's house.  That makes me happy too.  Her people, Aunt Rita and Uncle Jonathan, always make sure we have yummy appetizers followed by something tasty on the grill.  And if we are there long enough, snacks after my nap on one of my 3 favorite pillows at their house.  Ah, the life of a little dog!  Think anyone will notice I've been digging?!