January 31, 2009

Travel Pups

Everyone has a different way to travel; bike basket, bag, scooter.  My Grandparents are coming out to visit from Colorado!  My Mom and I fly when we go to visit them.  I make lots of new friends in my bag, because they think I am cute and well behaved as a passenger riding in my sheepskin lined bag.  My Grandpa doesn't like to fly.  Their favorite mode of transportation is car, specifically Fords.  I am especially excited because they are driving out my new car.  It is an Edge.  My Mom says it will be like my own little apartment.  I can't wait to sniff out all of those new car smells.  One of Shauna's friends from high school and my Grandpa did a lot of work to find it for us (and convince my Mom that she likes Fords...well maybe "Fords" is pushing it, but the Edge she's Really excited about).  And my Grandma gets to go to the beach; she likes to stick her toes in the sand and the ocean, and my Grandpa, well there are lots of auto related favorites for him to experience.  And lots of riding in my new Edge!  I'll keep you posted on how we like it! 

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