December 10, 2008

Colorado Dog Cousins

These are my 3 cousins that live in Colorado.  I am going to visit them next week for the holidays, the family all together!  The two tan girls are the oldest, Bianca and Mia.  The little black and white girl is Siena.  She has not learned that she shouldn't bark back at her elders yet.  We will work on that this trip, perhaps.  They are Italian greyhounds.  Ironic that the nearly naked girls live in the mountains, and me with my full fur coat lives in a consistent 70 degrees.  When it is time, my Mom takes out my traveling bag, I hop in, and we fly on a plane to their house.  When I stick my head out of the bag, everyone tells me how cute I am.  It is always fun, and there is plenty of chicken that comes out of my Grandma's kitchen!  

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