October 22, 2008

Tough Terrier

You may have noticed I have not posted an entry for longer than usual.  My Mom said I was grounded, and as part of that, I couldn't use the computer.  Here's the story.  At 1 a.m. I had to go out.  When I got outside, I realized there was a possum on my property, so I went to escort him out of my yard and make sure there were no others that needed to be told they were not welcome there either.  In the mean time, Shauna was panicking because she couldn't find me.  I saw all the lights go on in the house, but I wasn't done checking everywhere yet.  I think what really got her though is that when she did finally hear the tags on my collar jingling over her pounding heart, and she came around the house to tell me to come, I kind of ignored her.  That probably wasn't the right thing to do at that juncture.  But come on, seriously, I'm a terrier with a yard.  Shouldn't she expect me to defend it?  Isn't that part of the terrier creed?  Anyway I'm back!  Oh and feel free to post a comment to her if you are on my side.

October 11, 2008

Dog on a Mission

Like most border collies, Bernice needs a job to do, and boy did she have a big job last week!  She and her human Rita, have been dog training and dog training.  Her mission, to pass the AKC's Canine Good Dog Test.  What is that, you say?  A heck of a lot of work, I say, but Bernice is a Border collie, so she accepted that big dog mission! Here is what she had to do: 
Dog Test 1: Accept a friendly stranger (if they are a stranger, how do you know if they are friendly or just strange?)
Dog Test 2: Sit politely for petting (polite is relative)
Dog Test 3: Canine appearance and grooming (I don't like baths, I hate having my nails clipped, and I think the wind is a perfect hair brush!)
Dog Test 4: Walk on a loose lead (I am fabulous at the walking part, not so good at not trying to lead)
Dog Test 5: Walk through a crowd (now why would I want to do that?)
Dog Test 6: Sit and down and stay on command (whose command, mine?)
Dog Test 7: Coming when called (only if you have something good to give me?)
Dog Test 8: Reaction to another dog (well it depends on the other dog; do you like every other human you meet?)
Dog Test 9: Reaction to distraction (whatever)
Dog Test 10: Supervised separation ( are we talking about my Uncles cuz I love staying with my Uncles!)
Anyway, much to Rita's surprise, Bernice passed with flying colors!  Congratulations Bernice our dog hero!  What will your next mission be?

October 7, 2008

Car Chase!

Let's go shopping!  Like any good female, it is one of my favorite things to do!  I have 2 places I like best; Centinella for the basics like my food and everyday treats.  Their employees always tell me how cute I am and let me come around the counter for a treat.  For fantastic toys, collars, and treats, Muttropolis is the place!  Don't tell my Mom, but they have halloween costumes too.  So come on, I'll drive!  Ok, maybe we won't all fit, but because I like to share, here is a little treat for all of my dog and cat friends reading this!  Get your people to go online to Muttropolis anytime before Oct 31st, and get $10 off of any purchase of $10 or more!  All you have to do is use promo code TREATQ308 at check out after you go to www.muttropolis.com.  It will take you right to the store even faster than I could drive there.  The holidays are coming!  Pets need presents too!  

October 5, 2008

Buddy's Birthday

Kate is one of our favorite 2 legged friends.  She is my friend Buddy's little sister, you know, from Buddy's big day at the beach!  Anyway, Kate adores her big brother (maybe she will grow up to be a vet). She wanted to let everyone know that it is Big Brother Buddy's 16th birthday!!  They celebrated with a private little party at the dog park with his best friend and ex-roommate Kirby (another one of my terrier people).  Of course we all wish Buddy the sweetest of 16's, right Kate?

October 1, 2008

Big Beach Weekend

Last weekend Bella, Sake and I took our girls for a hike to a pebble beach.  Well, most of us walked.  Sake didn't want to get her little paws muddy, fresh pawdicure and all.  And then there were the rocks so mostly she was carried.  I guess we all enjoyed it in our own way!  Bella got to dig and make new friends.  I got a big breeze blowing my fur and we all got lots of snacks!  Food, friends and frolicking!

Pooped Pup

Funny that the one that spent the least amount of time with her feet on the ground was the most pooped of the pups!