November 25, 2008

Dog Walk and Wiggle

Spot is one of the newest friends to join our pack.  Ok, I haven't actually spent time with Spot, but my Mom took her for lots of walks while her people were gone this weekend.  She is only about as tall as I am, but at least 3 times as wide, and aptly named because she has a tan spot that looks like it has been painted on her back.  Shauna said this Bulldog is not just big in body, but has a giant personality too!  You can't mistake when she gets excited, she snorts and smiles, and she gets her whole body into a wiggle!  When she goes for a big walk, she makes lots of noises too; kind of like my Uncle John when he rides his bike for a long time.  My Mom said she loved to put her cheek against Spots head and rub her ears cuz she is so velvety.  How could you not love that Spot face?!

November 22, 2008

Musings of the Little Dog

This is the carpet where I sit to best convey to my Mom that I would like a treat please.  I usually like them best in petite bite size portions.  My favorites are dried chicken strips; those I take whole and crunch them up myself!  Lately I've had some medication to take.  Some clever human came up with a thing called pill pockets.  The pill goes inside of a tasty treat and you don't really know that you are taking medicine, except I do.  I also know that Shauna will keep trying to get me to take it no matter how many times I spit it out.  So, if I keep spitting, I keep getting more good bites.  And the more I get around the pill, it ups the ante, and the treats get better out of desperation to get me to take it.  So the progression has gone from peanut butter, to lunch meat, to pill pockets.  And NOW I've got her making me turkey meatballs, and stuffing them in those!  I don't care so much about taking them, I just like to play the treat game, and I love turkey meatballs.  Hmmm, think I'll stick with those for a while, then maybe require steak next!  

November 17, 2008

Dog Family

A wise human once said "Friends are the family you choose for yourself".  My grandparents are both only children, so my Mom and I have chosen to have a very large friend family!  We have lots of different groups of friends that we do different things with.  The group in the photo is who I have play dates with every weekend.  Well Lucy is really the only one that plays, and it has to be one special toy or everyone hears about it.  Sometimes Smedley tries to get Lily to tug, and Pua and Rascal do a thorough check to make sure the property is critter free.  Max enjoys socializing more with the people.  Frasier makes sure he gives everyone the chance to pet him, and me, well I am just happy to be there and take it all in.  I guess we all have our roles. It is a very wonderful "family" we have chosen! 

November 9, 2008

Little Dog Goes Shopping Again

My Aunt Rita gives me some of my best gifts!  Once she gave me a brilliant stuffed toy (my favorite kind, the plastic ones feel yucky on my tongue) that looked like my very own cell phone.  Instead of a squeaker, it has something that sounds like a ringer.  I like to play this game where I make that toy ring when my Mom is in the bathroom. Then I watch her come running out because she thinks it is her cell phone.  Tee hee hee.  She gave me my long dog too.  He makes the perfect body pillow.  These are the great treats I would recommend you use with your new Muttropolis discount card I have for you.  If you log on to and enter SNIFFQ408 at check out after you have your good stuff in your basket, you get 30% off anything regular price.  Since it is Muttropolis, I know you can't go wrong!  And maybe you will find something to create your own fun game with!

November 8, 2008

Dog Costume on Parade

I promised more photos from Halloween!  Some of my friends enjoy costumes, and well, there is at least one furry friend whose face mimics the way I feel about unnatural dog wear.  Thank goodness for my grandparents.  They sent me cash instead of the traditional sugary treat filled pumpkin.  I decided I would most like a turkey burger, with cheese please.  One of my favorites!  No silver platter necessary, but the sooner the better! 

November 3, 2008

Haute Dog Halloween

As you may notice, the hat on my head is not my idea.  I wear a fantastic fur all year round.  I get lots of compliments on my great eyebrows.  Some people (and I'm not saying it is my mother) go through a lot to get the highlights I was born with.  In other words, I don't see any need to cover myself with a costume of any kind.  So when some of my friends and I took a trip to the Haute Dog Halloween Parade in Long Beach CA over the weekend, I was quite thankful we met up with my Uncles.  Uncle Ray carried my hat after I posed for 1 photo, and Uncle John carried me.  There were lots of dogs there, reportedly 700, most in some sort of costume, which I promise to share more photos of.  Clearly some of them enjoyed it more than I do.  Or maybe they just haven't figured out how to get the treats without the tricks.  You have to train your humans you know.   All in all, it was not a bad day.  I was with some of my favorite people, outside almost all day.  The hat was on my head for a very limited amount of time.  I didn't have to actually parade; my people got to watch all the four legged friends go by while I napped (ideal arrangement!)  And there was much money raised by Justin Rudd and the parade for people of my kind!  Now I'm hoping that takes care of the costume urge until the Easter Dog Parade!