January 31, 2009

Travel Pups

Everyone has a different way to travel; bike basket, bag, scooter.  My Grandparents are coming out to visit from Colorado!  My Mom and I fly when we go to visit them.  I make lots of new friends in my bag, because they think I am cute and well behaved as a passenger riding in my sheepskin lined bag.  My Grandpa doesn't like to fly.  Their favorite mode of transportation is car, specifically Fords.  I am especially excited because they are driving out my new car.  It is an Edge.  My Mom says it will be like my own little apartment.  I can't wait to sniff out all of those new car smells.  One of Shauna's friends from high school and my Grandpa did a lot of work to find it for us (and convince my Mom that she likes Fords...well maybe "Fords" is pushing it, but the Edge she's Really excited about).  And my Grandma gets to go to the beach; she likes to stick her toes in the sand and the ocean, and my Grandpa, well there are lots of auto related favorites for him to experience.  And lots of riding in my new Edge!  I'll keep you posted on how we like it! 

January 20, 2009

The Little Dog Pledge

No matter what you had going on today, or what your political affiliation, you had to recognize that it was a special day in history.  My Mom had the tv on, and I got to spend a little time watching the inauguration, and some of the shows leading up to it.  We are looking to our leaders to create a better world.  One that I liked best talked about making pledges to make a difference. We can all take a bit of a lead, sort of like I lead Shauna when we go for a walk every day.  We are all in this together, 2 legged, 4 legged, young, old.  Everyone can do something.  Be inspired, and be inspiring!  Take a look at www.myspace.com/presidentialpledge.  Listen to the ideas, take a cue from some of the celebrities, or be inspired to come up with your own; make a pledge!   I am only 15 lbs, but even I know I have a paw in creating my own reality!

January 18, 2009

Four legged Family

This is my Great Grandmothers cat Charlie.  I guess technically that makes him my Great Uncle.  Great Uncle Charlie the cat.  That is a mouthful!  So I got to visit Great Uncle Charlie when my Mom and I went to Colorado to visit for Christmas.  Shauna told me that many years ago, she was visiting my Great Grandma.  She has always been an animal lover.  She had neighborhood cats and squirrels and birds that would all come to her big yard and find different treats just for them.  Shauna sat at her kitchen table and listened to her talk about how much she would like to have a dog of her own, but she was afraid they might need too much attention.  Then she mentioned a cat, but she didn't think she should get one, because what if something happened to her, what would happen to the cat?  She had a picture in a calendar on the refrigerator of a little orange kitten that she thought was just the cutest thing.  My Mom knew she would be back in Colorado in a matter of months, and decided that if my Great Grandma hadn't gotten a cat of her own, she was going to get her one.  She checked with quite a few places until she found someone that said they had a little tabby cat.  He was only a few pounds, but he had a huge voice, meowing all the way to his new home.  Any thought of 'if this doesn't work out, we'll have to take him to California' disappeared immediately when they got to my Great Grandma's house.  Shauna still laughs when she thinks about how my Great Grandma came out of the house, grabbed the mewing box and ran inside with it without even saying a word to her.  By the time she had followed her in the house, there was no separating the little ball of fluff from his new mother, and it has been that way ever since!  And a good thing too.  It was not long after that that Uncle John found me, and well, you know how the rest of that story goes.  Karma...  

January 16, 2009


It makes me extremely sad to tell you that two of my favorite people lost their best 4 legged friend.  The photo is Uncle John (who originally rescued me) and Best Ray, and their little guy, Nikky.  He was a cranky old man even as a kitten!  He had been part of our little "family" almost as long as I have.  He was not very tolerant of all of my Uncle's other furry friends, but he and I had an understanding.   He had been a very sick little guy just recently.  My Uncles did everything they could for him, right until the very end.  We all love him very much and know he will watch over us from wherever he is. 

January 13, 2009

Holiday Hounds

There is nothing like the holidays in Colorado.  At least that is what my Mom says, and I think she might be right!  I get to hop in my travel bag, fly on the plane, and see my whole family for Christmas!  Shauna said I should have had my own seat on the plane cuz my ticket cost the same as hers, but I like my travel bag.  And the cool breezy weather felt great in my fur!  My Aunt Rita would love it.  My Grandparents just put a new wood floor in their kitchen.  It was great for sliding across after I came in from the snowy backyard.  And if I slid through enough times, my Grandma would laugh and find all kinds of tasty treats for my little dog dish.  Ahhh, life is good in Colorado with family!