February 27, 2009

Meet Max and Lucy Dog

My weekend play dates are made so much more enjoyable by my fur friends that join us.  Max and Lucy are two of those friends.  They are a brother and sister team rescued by Noel. And they are terrier people like me!  They have very different personalities!  Lucy, the fur girl on the left, is very shy.  But she Love, love, loves to fetch. But not just any toy will do!  It is one specific toy that she has in each yard she visits.  She will quite insistently tell anyone within earshot to please find and throw her toy. She believes in equal opportunity for the 2 legged people to throw her toy.  Now Max, he will be your friend, but you need to pass his  thorough inspection, which may or may not include a little love "bite".  Once you get to know him, he's a love bug!  Can't wait to see them at our next play date!

February 22, 2009

Little Dog Slumber Party

This last Saturday, my Mom went to a seminar with my Aunt Rita, and then she went to babysit one of our two legged friends named Kaya.  So my best friend Sake invited me over for a slumber party!  Sake knew I was coming and she was waiting for me, excitedly doing her little dance in the window when we got there in the morning.  We had so much fun!  We bounced through the house together, and in their great back yard!  Uncle Jonathan took us for a walk at the beach (and Sake and I secretly giggled when we plotted to pull our leashes in different directions hee hee).  But Uncle Jonathan was a pretty good sport!  After all our fresh air, we both found blankets to claim for a little siesta.  Aunt Rita helped us get all nestled!  Don't you think red is our color?  Ahhh.  And what slumber party would be complete without snacks?!  We had plenty, and finished with 3 a.m. cheese snacks, then breakfast of scrambled eggs and hot dogs! The hot dog is one of my personal favorites to share with my Aunt Rita! It was part of our very first bonding experience!  Of course the ultimate best is spending time with the ones you love.  And I know Shauna doesn't worry about me.  Thanks for the great host and hostessing!

February 19, 2009

Doggie's Strut the Red Carpet

If you ask me, the best part of the Academy Awards is the red carpet.  And don't think that we 4 legged people don't have our own versions to strut our stuff!  A bulldog beauty contest in Long Beach offered just such an occasion this month.  It was put on by Justin Rudd, a local guy that does a lot of events to promote us fur babies!  He is a little partial to bulldogs because that is what his own fur girl is.  Just take a look, we could rival any red carpet.  There really is something for everyone out there if you just look.  Now if you will excuse me, I must go talk to my Mother about installing my very own red carpet!  It is a good color for me.

Puppy Overtime

This is Mister Banks.  His Mom is a big Mary Poppins fan, so he is named after the Banks family she 'popped' in to care for!  Here, he's hard at work at Designers Resource in El Segundo.  Well, maybe he's taking a bit of a break.  We four legged people know how much attention needs to be devoted to our people at work.  Shauna works from our home office sometimes, and as a seasoned assistant I know how exhausting that can be.  And Mister Banks, well can't you tell by the puppy tummy how young this little pup is?  But we have no doubt he will grow into both his feet and his role as an assistant! 

February 18, 2009

Wilma Kitty

Wilma is our cat friend who we visited this last weekend.  She may just think she is a dog.  She always runs out to greet my Mom and gives me a nose to nose greeting.  I like Wilma Kitty, and I think she likes me ok too, well at least until I stick my nose near her dish with her cat snack in it.  That is when I get scooped up by Shauna.  I wouldn't eat that fishy smelling kitty food anyway, but still I get scooped.  Wilma has a big dog brother Yogi.  He is a handsome black labradoodle.  He was at doggie daycare for the weekend, so I made myself at home in his big dog bed while Shauna spent time petting Wilma.  No one can tell me bigger isn't better!

February 7, 2009

Little Dog & Grandpa

When I go to Colorado, Grandma fixes lots of treats for me.  But when my Grandparents visit California, it's Grandpa that shares most of the treats!  Yum!  I got a whole potpourri of bacon bites and sausage and meatloaf...Thanks Grandpa!  I got lots of extra scratches from Grandma. And Shauna and I shared our friends, our beach and our sites.  It was a really fantastic visit!  And now our "California family" knows how special my Grandparents are.    We are so happy they are safely back in Colorado.  They will be back to see Mickey and my favorite, Tigger since it was a rare rainy day the day they were going to Disneyland.  Now I'm going to work on my Mom to share some of the tasty left overs I know are in the refrigerator!

February 3, 2009

Little Dog Anticipates

My Grandparents are on their way!  I'm keeping watch out my window.  I can't wait for them to see my yard, and I'll introduce them to my friends, and take them for a walk.  I know they will give me extra treats while they are here.  And they are driving my new car.  Oh I am SO excited!  My Mom said they won't be here til tonight, but I'm still going to keep watch.  And wait...and watch...Did I tell you I was excited?!