January 20, 2009

The Little Dog Pledge

No matter what you had going on today, or what your political affiliation, you had to recognize that it was a special day in history.  My Mom had the tv on, and I got to spend a little time watching the inauguration, and some of the shows leading up to it.  We are looking to our leaders to create a better world.  One that I liked best talked about making pledges to make a difference. We can all take a bit of a lead, sort of like I lead Shauna when we go for a walk every day.  We are all in this together, 2 legged, 4 legged, young, old.  Everyone can do something.  Be inspired, and be inspiring!  Take a look at www.myspace.com/presidentialpledge.  Listen to the ideas, take a cue from some of the celebrities, or be inspired to come up with your own; make a pledge!   I am only 15 lbs, but even I know I have a paw in creating my own reality!

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Chase, you must be excited about the Presidential puppy!