April 30, 2009

And Then There Were Two (Pups that is)

Bianca was such a happy addition to the family, that once they saw her mini version at the pet store, they just couldn't leave her there!  Mini Mia that is.  But she didn't stay mini for long!   This girl loves to eat and it didn't take her long to get to full size and then some!  She is the only one of her kind that I know that doesn't really have a waist line : )  But she is the sweetest.  She will wiggle herself right underneath me if I try to ignore her.  She just wants to be friends with me, her California cousin, with way more hair than she has.  So, I usually cut the kid a break and give her a little lick or two. Did I mention she likes to eat?  Her lymric goes like this:
"There once lived Mia an IG.  Who looked at her meals with glee.  For food she'd dance, Go into a trance, Do the dishes 1,2,3."

April 19, 2009

Dog Cousin Bianca

I have three cousins.  They are all Italian Grey hounds.  Bianca is the closest to my age.  You know how they say people look like their pets, well B is a good example of that. She resembles much of my Aunt Holly and Uncle Scott; all of them long and lean.  Her personality is a little more reserved and elegant like my Aunt Holly (til you get to know her).  They made up lymrics for all of their girls!  B's goes like this: "There once lived a greyhound named B.  And oh what a love bug was she.  Try as they might, All day and all night, There were never enough snuggles for B."

Little Dog Ditches her Stitches!

Thanks to everyone who sympathized with my need for stitches!  They were not fun, but when Shauna threatened to make me wear a t-shirt if I didn't leave them alone, well I hate clothes more than I disliked my stitches, so...but they came out this week!  I didn't enjoy that, but, our first stop after the vet's office was Coffee Bean for ice blended coffee with whip cream on the side.  My Mom drinks the coffee (hopefully she remembered to say decaf) and the whip cream is for me!  It is one of my favorites!   Then she gave me a puppy massage; the scratches on my head and under my collar are the best!  Then she put a bunch of kisses on my head, which are definitely more for her than they are for me!  As long as we are following up with more treats, it might even be worth the stitches.

April 17, 2009

Four Legged Friends Foundation

My Mom and I are big proponents of animal and people bonding.  Fur children can add so much to a person's life. Our friend Maureen has a good friend who runs an organization called Four Legged Friends Foundation.  They do a great job of assessing how they can best promote pet/people needs in the community.  They have joined up with one of our favorites, Best Friends Animal Society for a local event next Sunday.  They have lots of great things going on and it is one of their most successful adoption days!  I gave Shauna permission to go.  Oh, I know what you're thinking, but she has strict instructions not to bring home any extra critters.  No seriously, do I LOOK like I am kidding?  "Fluff" is also holding a raffle with fabulous prizes.  No really good stuff like a 40" flatscreen, a gift certificate to Asia de Cuba (I've sampled a doggie bag from there.  YUM) and a "Danelectro" guitar signed by Ellen.  Nothing would make my Mom and I happier than if every 4 legged critter could enjoy a life like mine!  So check it out for yourself, and get your raffle tickets before the drawing May 9!  And if you win the Asia de Cuba gift certificate, make sure you order the calamari salad and my Aunt Jen's favorite, coconut cake!

Dogs Host Easter

While my Colorado cousins were hunting chicken filled Easter eggs, we had a champagne Easter toast, Rascal and the ladies.  Rascal is Pua's brother, you know Pua, the local Beagle calendar girl from my last post!  Rascal likes to pretend to be the tough guy, but we have always had our terrier bond.  He loves his people, and he always cuddles up to my Mom.  But he found a new lady love in Karen on Easter Sunday.  Yeah, that Rascal. He would like you to think he is too cool, but we know he was the host with the most to all the girls on Easter Sunday!

April 13, 2009

Pua Dog Strikes a Pose

We hung out with our friends Pua and Rascal this weekend.  Their people were out of town for the holiday, so we stayed over at their house. I love lounging with them in the back yard.  All three of us sat on the chaise with Shauna.  It was even more crowded than all of us in the bed, and my crazy girl couldn't be happier!  Pua was excited to show us the Beagle calendar they have hanging in their kitchen.  She looks just like Miss February. Her Mom often reminds her she could be a pin up girl!  She's practicing her poses; watch out 2010!

April 4, 2009

Trip to the Vet

I don't know about this this going to the vet thing.  This is the second time I have gone in minding my own business and come home with stitches.  (My Mom tells me I had them when I got fixed too, but that was a long time ago and I don't remember!)  I have a few "beauty marks".  You know, the kind we get as we age.  I guess I must have accidentally opened one up with a toe nail, so Shauna took me to see Dr. Maria.  She's really nice, and always gentle.  She likes me too, cuz I remind her of her own  Schnauzer's.   But it seems a little extreme that they would shave a spot of my great fur that I work so hard to grow, and then put in stitches!  At least they didn't put that awful cone collar on like last time!  I did hear them saying I would have to wear a Tshirt if I scratch at my stitches.  So I won't be doing that.  I know I have expressed this before, but I Don't wear clothes!  I may however, be able to use this situation to get some extra treats out of my people.  I'm going to go work on that now! 

April 1, 2009

Puppy Dog Tales

This is the youngest of my three cousins.  Her mouth is usually open like this, chewing a toy or more likely, someone's nose.  Her name is Siena, with 1 n, like the black and white Italian marble.  You know, cuz she is black and white, she is an Italian Greyhound, and her last name is Marble!  Yup,  perfect name for this pup.  Her middle name should be chomp.  Maybe she will outgrow that once she turns 3, or maybe not, if she has anything to say about it.