June 5, 2009

Good Dog Days

I have had 2 really good days!  Uncle Jonathan made a stew, and invited me over to taste.  Sake, my best friend and I, bounced a little bit and ate bites and bites and more bites of stew meat.  Both of my Uncle John's are excellent chef's.   My Aunt Rita made sure I had some comfy spots to lay and entertained my Mom so she wouldn't worry over me.  Then my friend Schmedley came the next morning to visit!  He is the fluffy guy in the photo; one of the sweetest, most good natured guys you would ever want to meet!  I really was happy to have him come check to see how I was.  Our little gang, 2 legged and 4 legged, really look out for each other!

June 3, 2009

Dog Cousin Siena

I want to introduce you to my third cousin Siena.  Her name is so fitting because she is an Italian Greyhound, black and white as you can see.  Black and white marble comes from Siena Italy.  Her last name is Marble.  It just all fits!  Her sister Bianca would really have liked to remain an only child like me, but Mia thinks she is a puppy of her very own.  Mia protects her, and plays so gently with her; she learns a lot from her big sister Mia!  She has a her own lymric like her sisters:  There once lived a black and white pup.  And oh how she loved to jump up.  She'd nuzzle, she'd kiss, Oh what bliss.  A pup to never give up.
She's a cute kid.  Maybe I'll like her better when she settles down a bit.

May 28, 2009

Sweet Little Dog

I think I have been at the vet more times in the last month than I have been in my entire life.  Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but I have seen Dr. Maria a lot lately.  She's a great lady, but I would rather not visit her so often.  I heard the word cancer.  I don't know what that word means, except that I've gotten tons of extra treats.  I hardly even have to ask for them!  My Mom has been spending so much extra time with me too.  She usually moves around so much always doing so many things at the same time.  Lately, she's really just spending quiet time with me.  Sometimes I even catch her watching me sleep.  I really never see her cry, but that cancer word, it seems to make her sad.  I think I need to cuddle her back a little extra.  You know, after I eat all of my treats.

May 27, 2009

The Early Years of the Little Dog

My Mom has been cleaning out the garage.  She has found some very interesting things, lots of them being photos.  My Uncle John always jokes that Shauna thought she would find me a good home; she wasn't going to keep me, but she had an entire roll of film to develop within the first 24 hours she met me.  Just look at us; committed to each other from the start.  She didn't stand a chance!  From the beginning, we have taken great care of each other, and not a day goes by that I can't say that is true. I, of course, knew I was "home" as soon as I saw her!

May 25, 2009

Little Dog Luvs Her Uncle

When my Mom goes on trips that I can't go with her, it means that I get to vacation with my Uncles!  I have my own key to their "beach house", and I say vacation because, well, I am completely and utterly doted upon without the need to be a watch dog.  Uncle John becomes my personal chef.  He always checks the menu with Shauna cuz there are lots of things I would describe as treats but lots of human food that I just have to turn my nose up at as well.  Uncle John wants to make sure I get what I like.  He has turned into quite the cook in he and Uncle Ray's new home.  My Uncle John says my Uncle Ray and I are a lot alike and that is why we get along so well.  Two peas in a friggin pod, he calls us : )  I love my Uncles very much!  I always get bouncy when my Mom comes to pick me up, but even a 4 legged girl needs a little change in scenery once in a while, and I couldn't image a much better spot than with people who care so much about me!

May 11, 2009

Chase Dog Celebrates 106?

April (or May) is my birthday month.  Yes, my Mom and I and my Auntie Rita believe in celebrating the month, not just the day.  Which in my case is especially appropriate since we are not sure exactly when it is, you know being a little lost and found pup.  But truthfully, I think Shauna and I have celebrated every day we have been together!  That would be 5,479 days and counting.  We are both pretty lucky, to have each other and SO many good friends and family to share birthdays with.  This one started with my "Aunt Do-Ho" in the photo above.  She writes a blog about donuts, which I guest starred on for my birthday.  You can see it here.  She got me my very own doggie donuts, one to eat and one to squeak, from the Three Dog Bakery in Santa Monica.  My grandparents sent a birthday card with money in it to buy treats!  Can you believe I had to wait 2 whole days before we went to get them?!  And finally a day of parties.  There is the photo album to the right that you can see some of the festivities.  Puppies and meatloaf cake in the morning at our very gracious friend Roberta and Schmedley's.  Then Uncle Jonathan cooked up a feast for me and all my favorite people friends in the evening.  Ahh, what a life.  That's why I have stuck around 16 years!  Besides, there is a 21 year old weiner dog that I have to catch up to!  

April 30, 2009

And Then There Were Two (Pups that is)

Bianca was such a happy addition to the family, that once they saw her mini version at the pet store, they just couldn't leave her there!  Mini Mia that is.  But she didn't stay mini for long!   This girl loves to eat and it didn't take her long to get to full size and then some!  She is the only one of her kind that I know that doesn't really have a waist line : )  But she is the sweetest.  She will wiggle herself right underneath me if I try to ignore her.  She just wants to be friends with me, her California cousin, with way more hair than she has.  So, I usually cut the kid a break and give her a little lick or two. Did I mention she likes to eat?  Her lymric goes like this:
"There once lived Mia an IG.  Who looked at her meals with glee.  For food she'd dance, Go into a trance, Do the dishes 1,2,3."

April 19, 2009

Dog Cousin Bianca

I have three cousins.  They are all Italian Grey hounds.  Bianca is the closest to my age.  You know how they say people look like their pets, well B is a good example of that. She resembles much of my Aunt Holly and Uncle Scott; all of them long and lean.  Her personality is a little more reserved and elegant like my Aunt Holly (til you get to know her).  They made up lymrics for all of their girls!  B's goes like this: "There once lived a greyhound named B.  And oh what a love bug was she.  Try as they might, All day and all night, There were never enough snuggles for B."