November 22, 2008

Musings of the Little Dog

This is the carpet where I sit to best convey to my Mom that I would like a treat please.  I usually like them best in petite bite size portions.  My favorites are dried chicken strips; those I take whole and crunch them up myself!  Lately I've had some medication to take.  Some clever human came up with a thing called pill pockets.  The pill goes inside of a tasty treat and you don't really know that you are taking medicine, except I do.  I also know that Shauna will keep trying to get me to take it no matter how many times I spit it out.  So, if I keep spitting, I keep getting more good bites.  And the more I get around the pill, it ups the ante, and the treats get better out of desperation to get me to take it.  So the progression has gone from peanut butter, to lunch meat, to pill pockets.  And NOW I've got her making me turkey meatballs, and stuffing them in those!  I don't care so much about taking them, I just like to play the treat game, and I love turkey meatballs.  Hmmm, think I'll stick with those for a while, then maybe require steak next!  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pill pockets, GENIUS! If those don't work, I'll need your turkey meatball recipe to deal with K-dog when he needs to take meds. ;-)