November 9, 2008

Little Dog Goes Shopping Again

My Aunt Rita gives me some of my best gifts!  Once she gave me a brilliant stuffed toy (my favorite kind, the plastic ones feel yucky on my tongue) that looked like my very own cell phone.  Instead of a squeaker, it has something that sounds like a ringer.  I like to play this game where I make that toy ring when my Mom is in the bathroom. Then I watch her come running out because she thinks it is her cell phone.  Tee hee hee.  She gave me my long dog too.  He makes the perfect body pillow.  These are the great treats I would recommend you use with your new Muttropolis discount card I have for you.  If you log on to and enter SNIFFQ408 at check out after you have your good stuff in your basket, you get 30% off anything regular price.  Since it is Muttropolis, I know you can't go wrong!  And maybe you will find something to create your own fun game with!

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