November 25, 2008

Dog Walk and Wiggle

Spot is one of the newest friends to join our pack.  Ok, I haven't actually spent time with Spot, but my Mom took her for lots of walks while her people were gone this weekend.  She is only about as tall as I am, but at least 3 times as wide, and aptly named because she has a tan spot that looks like it has been painted on her back.  Shauna said this Bulldog is not just big in body, but has a giant personality too!  You can't mistake when she gets excited, she snorts and smiles, and she gets her whole body into a wiggle!  When she goes for a big walk, she makes lots of noises too; kind of like my Uncle John when he rides his bike for a long time.  My Mom said she loved to put her cheek against Spots head and rub her ears cuz she is so velvety.  How could you not love that Spot face?!

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