June 3, 2009

Dog Cousin Siena

I want to introduce you to my third cousin Siena.  Her name is so fitting because she is an Italian Greyhound, black and white as you can see.  Black and white marble comes from Siena Italy.  Her last name is Marble.  It just all fits!  Her sister Bianca would really have liked to remain an only child like me, but Mia thinks she is a puppy of her very own.  Mia protects her, and plays so gently with her; she learns a lot from her big sister Mia!  She has a her own lymric like her sisters:  There once lived a black and white pup.  And oh how she loved to jump up.  She'd nuzzle, she'd kiss, Oh what bliss.  A pup to never give up.
She's a cute kid.  Maybe I'll like her better when she settles down a bit.

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naveen said...

lol this site is for dogs , that great, good