May 25, 2009

Little Dog Luvs Her Uncle

When my Mom goes on trips that I can't go with her, it means that I get to vacation with my Uncles!  I have my own key to their "beach house", and I say vacation because, well, I am completely and utterly doted upon without the need to be a watch dog.  Uncle John becomes my personal chef.  He always checks the menu with Shauna cuz there are lots of things I would describe as treats but lots of human food that I just have to turn my nose up at as well.  Uncle John wants to make sure I get what I like.  He has turned into quite the cook in he and Uncle Ray's new home.  My Uncle John says my Uncle Ray and I are a lot alike and that is why we get along so well.  Two peas in a friggin pod, he calls us : )  I love my Uncles very much!  I always get bouncy when my Mom comes to pick me up, but even a 4 legged girl needs a little change in scenery once in a while, and I couldn't image a much better spot than with people who care so much about me!

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