May 11, 2009

Chase Dog Celebrates 106?

April (or May) is my birthday month.  Yes, my Mom and I and my Auntie Rita believe in celebrating the month, not just the day.  Which in my case is especially appropriate since we are not sure exactly when it is, you know being a little lost and found pup.  But truthfully, I think Shauna and I have celebrated every day we have been together!  That would be 5,479 days and counting.  We are both pretty lucky, to have each other and SO many good friends and family to share birthdays with.  This one started with my "Aunt Do-Ho" in the photo above.  She writes a blog about donuts, which I guest starred on for my birthday.  You can see it here.  She got me my very own doggie donuts, one to eat and one to squeak, from the Three Dog Bakery in Santa Monica.  My grandparents sent a birthday card with money in it to buy treats!  Can you believe I had to wait 2 whole days before we went to get them?!  And finally a day of parties.  There is the photo album to the right that you can see some of the festivities.  Puppies and meatloaf cake in the morning at our very gracious friend Roberta and Schmedley's.  Then Uncle Jonathan cooked up a feast for me and all my favorite people friends in the evening.  Ahh, what a life.  That's why I have stuck around 16 years!  Besides, there is a 21 year old weiner dog that I have to catch up to!  

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