April 19, 2009

Little Dog Ditches her Stitches!

Thanks to everyone who sympathized with my need for stitches!  They were not fun, but when Shauna threatened to make me wear a t-shirt if I didn't leave them alone, well I hate clothes more than I disliked my stitches, so...but they came out this week!  I didn't enjoy that, but, our first stop after the vet's office was Coffee Bean for ice blended coffee with whip cream on the side.  My Mom drinks the coffee (hopefully she remembered to say decaf) and the whip cream is for me!  It is one of my favorites!   Then she gave me a puppy massage; the scratches on my head and under my collar are the best!  Then she put a bunch of kisses on my head, which are definitely more for her than they are for me!  As long as we are following up with more treats, it might even be worth the stitches.

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