April 17, 2009

Four Legged Friends Foundation

My Mom and I are big proponents of animal and people bonding.  Fur children can add so much to a person's life. Our friend Maureen has a good friend who runs an organization called Four Legged Friends Foundation.  They do a great job of assessing how they can best promote pet/people needs in the community.  They have joined up with one of our favorites, Best Friends Animal Society for a local event next Sunday.  They have lots of great things going on and it is one of their most successful adoption days!  I gave Shauna permission to go.  Oh, I know what you're thinking, but she has strict instructions not to bring home any extra critters.  No seriously, do I LOOK like I am kidding?  "Fluff" is also holding a raffle with fabulous prizes.  No really good stuff like a 40" flatscreen, a gift certificate to Asia de Cuba (I've sampled a doggie bag from there.  YUM) and a "Danelectro" guitar signed by Ellen.  Nothing would make my Mom and I happier than if every 4 legged critter could enjoy a life like mine!  So check it out for yourself, and get your raffle tickets before the drawing May 9!  And if you win the Asia de Cuba gift certificate, make sure you order the calamari salad and my Aunt Jen's favorite, coconut cake!

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