February 18, 2009

Wilma Kitty

Wilma is our cat friend who we visited this last weekend.  She may just think she is a dog.  She always runs out to greet my Mom and gives me a nose to nose greeting.  I like Wilma Kitty, and I think she likes me ok too, well at least until I stick my nose near her dish with her cat snack in it.  That is when I get scooped up by Shauna.  I wouldn't eat that fishy smelling kitty food anyway, but still I get scooped.  Wilma has a big dog brother Yogi.  He is a handsome black labradoodle.  He was at doggie daycare for the weekend, so I made myself at home in his big dog bed while Shauna spent time petting Wilma.  No one can tell me bigger isn't better!

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