February 7, 2009

Little Dog & Grandpa

When I go to Colorado, Grandma fixes lots of treats for me.  But when my Grandparents visit California, it's Grandpa that shares most of the treats!  Yum!  I got a whole potpourri of bacon bites and sausage and meatloaf...Thanks Grandpa!  I got lots of extra scratches from Grandma. And Shauna and I shared our friends, our beach and our sites.  It was a really fantastic visit!  And now our "California family" knows how special my Grandparents are.    We are so happy they are safely back in Colorado.  They will be back to see Mickey and my favorite, Tigger since it was a rare rainy day the day they were going to Disneyland.  Now I'm going to work on my Mom to share some of the tasty left overs I know are in the refrigerator!

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