February 22, 2009

Little Dog Slumber Party

This last Saturday, my Mom went to a seminar with my Aunt Rita, and then she went to babysit one of our two legged friends named Kaya.  So my best friend Sake invited me over for a slumber party!  Sake knew I was coming and she was waiting for me, excitedly doing her little dance in the window when we got there in the morning.  We had so much fun!  We bounced through the house together, and in their great back yard!  Uncle Jonathan took us for a walk at the beach (and Sake and I secretly giggled when we plotted to pull our leashes in different directions hee hee).  But Uncle Jonathan was a pretty good sport!  After all our fresh air, we both found blankets to claim for a little siesta.  Aunt Rita helped us get all nestled!  Don't you think red is our color?  Ahhh.  And what slumber party would be complete without snacks?!  We had plenty, and finished with 3 a.m. cheese snacks, then breakfast of scrambled eggs and hot dogs! The hot dog is one of my personal favorites to share with my Aunt Rita! It was part of our very first bonding experience!  Of course the ultimate best is spending time with the ones you love.  And I know Shauna doesn't worry about me.  Thanks for the great host and hostessing!

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