February 27, 2009

Meet Max and Lucy Dog

My weekend play dates are made so much more enjoyable by my fur friends that join us.  Max and Lucy are two of those friends.  They are a brother and sister team rescued by Noel. And they are terrier people like me!  They have very different personalities!  Lucy, the fur girl on the left, is very shy.  But she Love, love, loves to fetch. But not just any toy will do!  It is one specific toy that she has in each yard she visits.  She will quite insistently tell anyone within earshot to please find and throw her toy. She believes in equal opportunity for the 2 legged people to throw her toy.  Now Max, he will be your friend, but you need to pass his  thorough inspection, which may or may not include a little love "bite".  Once you get to know him, he's a love bug!  Can't wait to see them at our next play date!

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