December 2, 2008

A Little Dog Thanksgiving

I always go to Colorado to spend Christmas with my real family.  For Thanksgiving, my best friend Sake and Aunt Rita always share their family.  My Uncles John and Ray get adopted as well.  What could be better than so many of my favorite people, 2 legged and 4 legged, together with lots of food and fun.  The drawing to the left is Rita's neice Ellie drawing her one time depiction of me and Shauna.  If my legs were really that long, I could hop even higher!  We love her art work!  For our dinner, Aunt Rita makes sure all of the puppy dishes are geared to our individual taste buds.  Sake is more of a veggie girl than I am.  She eats more like my Mom.  I focus on the main dish, maybe dabbling in a side dish here or there as long as it isn't green.  Lucky and Buddy are not as discriminating.  They eat whatever you give them.  Sake and I switch plates at the end since we eat so complimentary; she is the only one I let eat off of my plate!  After much fun and food in Oxnard, my Uncles dropped us off at Pua and Rascals house so we could make sure they were fed and happy.  The turkey kicked in and I was the passed out puppy!  I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people that make up my wonderful life!

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vanessa said...

We love being with you on Thanksgiving!!!!!!!xoxo=The Muttley Crew:-)