December 7, 2008

Cheeto the Cat

This is my neighbor Cheeto.  I've never asked him, but I bet he was named that because of his coloring.  I'll have to confirm that the next time I see him.  Well, that would have to be the next time I see him that he is away from the house.  We have an understanding, Cheeto and I.  When we see each other, we sniff, and say hello.  I like cats.  But, I am a terrier, which means I must protect my domain.  So, if we run into each other in my yard, or by my house, well he does just I chase him.  Nothing personal.  That is our deal.  Cheeto has a boy, a two legged brother named Chase.  He calls me Chase the Dog.  He has red hair, too.  It runs in the family! 

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