September 26, 2008

Caught in the Act...of Cuddling!

If you only knew them, you would understand what a rarity this photo is.  Rascal is the terrier.  He literally showed up on the doorstep at Jeff and Nancy's one day and decided that should be his new home.  So right off the bat there are two things he and I have in common; we both have the terrier mentality and we both chose our humans before they caught on to the master plan.  But Rascal used to get bored and dig out of his yard during the day, so he started going to doggie day care.  That's where he met Pua the beagle.  She was dropped off there one day, and her person never came back.  Rascal decided it wouldn't be such a bad idea for her to keep him company at his house instead of doggie day care, so she came home with them.  I am not so sure he had the idea that it would be permanent; he likes to make sure she still knows who rules the house, but on the rare moments like this one caught on film, you can see that he really does love his sister.  They are two of my best buddies!

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