September 11, 2008

Little Lynx

This is my little friend Lynx.  We have had several play dates now, and I've even helped take care of him when his Mom was out of town.  I know some of my people might think it is not natural for dogs and cats to be so friendly, but I really like cats.  They are usually about the same size as I am, they are typically more calm than many of my excitable dog friends, and they are pretty independent, which I have a huge respect for!  I'm not sure this little guy knows I am a dog.  He likes to peer at me from under and around things, and then he works up enough curiosity that he just needs to stick a paw out and touch me!  You know, like my own little Pepe Le Pew, minus the pew.  My little ardent admirer!  I think we could be buddies for a long time!  Maybe we can teach the humans we can all just get along!

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