September 16, 2008

Poodle with Personality

Captain is the reason I have a soft spot for poodles. Before I met him, I thought they were a little too coifed for this girl who loves the breeze blowing through her eyebrows.  Heck, if I could have a fan with me all the time for that purpose, I would.  Hmmm, bet my Uncle John would follow me around with one if I asked him, but that is a whole different story!  Anyway, Captain is my best friend Sake's cousin, so we attend lots of family functions together.  He is just a very down to earth, mellow guy that is happy to go along with pretty much anything we girls come up with! He is a sweet little guy who is not feeling as well as he could be right now, so for all of you reading this, send him your good thoughts, and wish him well soon.  We love you Captain!

1 comment:

ellie said...

i luv cappy! thanx chase & shauna!

xoxo ,ellie