March 9, 2009

Serena Kitty

This is one of the newest fur friends!  Her name is Serena and she just recently became a California Kitty.  She moved out with her Mom when she got transfered with her job.  I haven't actually met her, but Shauna has been visiting her and she said she thinks she is adjusting just fine!  She apparently is quite soft and sweet.  My Mom would say she would only be gone a little while, but Serena would be so into her kitty massage, Shauna would just stay and pet her and pet her.  Did you know that they actually have a place they call the Cat Cafe in Tokyo where they have many cats who reside on the premises.  People who don't have their own pets pay in 30 minute increments to be able to pet the cats.  I personally would hate all that touching, but it sounds like Shauna and Serena would both like it there!  

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Laurie said...

Welcome to LA, Serena!