October 22, 2008

Tough Terrier

You may have noticed I have not posted an entry for longer than usual.  My Mom said I was grounded, and as part of that, I couldn't use the computer.  Here's the story.  At 1 a.m. I had to go out.  When I got outside, I realized there was a possum on my property, so I went to escort him out of my yard and make sure there were no others that needed to be told they were not welcome there either.  In the mean time, Shauna was panicking because she couldn't find me.  I saw all the lights go on in the house, but I wasn't done checking everywhere yet.  I think what really got her though is that when she did finally hear the tags on my collar jingling over her pounding heart, and she came around the house to tell me to come, I kind of ignored her.  That probably wasn't the right thing to do at that juncture.  But come on, seriously, I'm a terrier with a yard.  Shouldn't she expect me to defend it?  Isn't that part of the terrier creed?  Anyway I'm back!  Oh and feel free to post a comment to her if you are on my side.

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Who is Do-Ho? said...

Chase--Much as I'd love to take your side (I hate playing by the rules too), you gotta remember who the boss is. Your mom feeds you right? Bathes you? Provides a stable home environment? And didn't she also pay for your typing lessons so you could follow your dream of becoming a doggy blogger? Thought so. Please behave, so we don't have to go so long before reading another post. Your pal, Do-Ho