October 11, 2008

Dog on a Mission

Like most border collies, Bernice needs a job to do, and boy did she have a big job last week!  She and her human Rita, have been dog training and dog training.  Her mission, to pass the AKC's Canine Good Dog Test.  What is that, you say?  A heck of a lot of work, I say, but Bernice is a Border collie, so she accepted that big dog mission! Here is what she had to do: 
Dog Test 1: Accept a friendly stranger (if they are a stranger, how do you know if they are friendly or just strange?)
Dog Test 2: Sit politely for petting (polite is relative)
Dog Test 3: Canine appearance and grooming (I don't like baths, I hate having my nails clipped, and I think the wind is a perfect hair brush!)
Dog Test 4: Walk on a loose lead (I am fabulous at the walking part, not so good at not trying to lead)
Dog Test 5: Walk through a crowd (now why would I want to do that?)
Dog Test 6: Sit and down and stay on command (whose command, mine?)
Dog Test 7: Coming when called (only if you have something good to give me?)
Dog Test 8: Reaction to another dog (well it depends on the other dog; do you like every other human you meet?)
Dog Test 9: Reaction to distraction (whatever)
Dog Test 10: Supervised separation ( are we talking about my Uncles cuz I love staying with my Uncles!)
Anyway, much to Rita's surprise, Bernice passed with flying colors!  Congratulations Bernice our dog hero!  What will your next mission be?

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